My Story is Art – Watercolor, Foil and Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Just as our couples have a love story, so does Momental.  Momental Designs grew from a love affair with painting and…well, love itself.

(Our passion for bringing fine art to the invitation page endures.)

Georgia O’Keeffe, one of my favorite painters of all time often spoke about how so few of us really see the world around us. Really see.

{We pass through our days with technology blinders on, often truly missing the life that hovers in and around the nooks and crannies of emotional hours and task filled days.  We miss the joy that the small moments our hours have to offer.}

Our couples appreciate the power contained in a moment-stopping wedding invitation. Guests open an envelope knowing that inside is their welcome to celebrate with a dear friend or family member.  In that moment the invitation has the fleeting opportunity to grab attention and let the eye linger to discover what further treasures await inside the envelope or the alternative, be quickly thrown on the table amidst the chaos of the hundreds of other discarded moments of the day.

{At Momental we know exactly where your invitation should land.}

Architectural Inspired Pattern Wedding Invitation from Kristy Rice on Vimeo.

Watercolor, Foil and Letterpress Wedding Invitations

watercolor-foil-wedding-invitations watercolor-foil-wedding-invitations