Press – A Painted Peacock by Jess in Bridal Guide Magazine

I am so proud and have been counting the days until I could share the news with you all.  As you know my team, the lovely Momental Girls are the heart and soul of the studio.  Our work, my art, this studio could not be what it is without them.  The biggest yet most unexpected  joy of running this business grew from the knowledge that I have built a team of proud and talented women who inspire me daily.  Last summer a flurry of samples were on the painting table ready to ship to the lovely Leila.  Days were spent perfecting each piece and soon days ran into not enough time as they always do.  One more perfectly painted, unmistakably Momental sample was needed to complete the package so I decided to pass the brush, so to speak, to Jess our Studio Manager.  My only direction was to include blue and gold and my Signature Peacock painting.  Jess never let’s me down and this look, recently featured in Bridal Guide Magazine was the result!

Jess chose a highly saturated gold stock from Envelopments and paired it with a rich cobalt blue.  This look was all about texture and finish.  The papers boasted subtle textures and slick sheen while the brushstrokes of teal and gold were added with a heavy hand for a dimensional finish.

To hold the invitation a tri-fold was designed with a petite art tag featuring a more abstract look at the Painted Peacock artwork.  Images, courtesy of Shane East were styled with broaches, Italian Pottery, juicy watercolor, brushes  and feathers, of course.

The call came in one cold night 2 weeks ago that the magazine had hit shelves.  I drove to Jess’s house and knocked on her door at 10 pm just to deliver a copy.  I could not be more proud.  The Momental Studio is all about cultivating good art and fine artists so I could not think of a better way to honor Jess’s evolving style and our years of collaboration as friends and fellow artists.  Thank you Bridal Guide for including us, it means more than you know.