A Peek into the Studio – Shimmer, Lace and Pearls

I always say a messy painting table means only one thing…good things are happening.  Let’s just say the Painting table has been messy for quite some time.  Our handmade wedding invitations are a smattering of ideas and sketches, paint drips and Muddy Brushes that meld to create stunning results that reflect each couple we have the honor of collaborating with.  Ella’s heavily detailed design is a perfect example of the combination of elements brought together to elicit  paper design that sings of personality and an unmistakable sense of hand.

Ella’s design started a long way from final look chosen above.

Bold purples, golds and a heavily illustrated swirl design emerged initially.  Our process allows our clients’ ideas to evolve.  Ideas need to breathe and sometimes you simply need to see a concept in action to decide if it is really for you.

After the above sample Ella realized a muted, limited palette was her preference.  This bouquet style however was the one with it’s lush poppies, Juliette roses and lambs ear.  We adapted the look to include hydrangeas and peonies too!

We decided on a technique called Contrast Painting where an opaque acrylic is painted against a darker paper, only slightly in this case to afford a look that appears to pop off the page!  We estimated that each invitation featured over 100 individual brushstrokes in a creamy white acrylic against Ella’s shimmer ecru cardstock choice.  Subtle sage green detailing was added throughout for that perfect organic accent to balance all the white.Ella loved the idea of a silk element so we chose an oversized ivory silk box nearly 6×9 inches in size!  Talk about wow factor.    A super wide custom lace in a lovely natural shade.  Nearly 16 inches of lace was wrapped around each box.  Ivory velvet ribbon secured the art tag featuring custom venue illustration artwork.

Over 70 2 mm pearls were applied per invitation as accent throughout the hydrangea and poppy artwork.  Added texture and sheen of each pearl brought the invitation design to life!

A huge hug to Ella for pushing us and challenging the team to bring your vision to life, we are forver grateful to have experienced the creative process with you!