My Story is Art – Painting Spirits Bright

My art teacher and mentor from childhood is still someone I cherish daily.  She lives an artful life with passion and verve and I tribute much of my work ethic to the example she set for me as a young artist.  Painted canvas is typically reserved for high art pieces in a gallery but not for Sue Hand.  This mini painting arrived in my mailbox and was signed with the words “painted for Kristy and Adam”.  In that moment I felt understood.  A simple gesture of artwork felt immensely grand and marked a moment I will forever remember.  Holding the painted canvas in hand, feeling the texture and brushstroke and soaking in the warm, winter color crafted with me in mind;  I felt loved.

It only takes a moment to make a memory. Your simplest gesture can change someone’s life, understanding, viewpoint or approach.  Painting a personal canvas for many is not in the cards for most but we all have a talent, a secret power that we can share with our families, friends or even a stranger.  Go make someone’s day.