My Story is Art – Art for Art's Sake

My Dad recently, very recently in fact retired from a 40 year career at a local jewelry shop in town.  He is now officially our first Momental Guy.  He has already become an integral part of the team in just a few short weeks as I can’t imagine the studio before him, but of course I’m biased because he is…, well, Dad!  Yesterday I gathered a team for a an art shoot at a local favorite, The Cottage at Hillside Farms.  You may remember, we had our 10 year renewal there in 2010?  It was my Dad’s first photoshoot experience and I could see the fascination…well maybe, confusion on his face as the day evolved.  At one point, as the last details of the table installation were complete he asked very candidly, “so why do you do this?”.  I paused for a minute and replied.  “It’s art.  Just like a pull out my brushes and paint, this is just another way for me to express an idea.  It’s Art for Art’s Sake“.

momental_designs1127A few sketches beforehand.

So this phrase is steeped in history and as is the same with most philosophical comments, carries with it a bit of controversy and skepticism.  For me, it is about creating art for the purpose of feeling the experience, regardless of the result.  I add a specific caveat though…it has to take effort, significant effort.  Art for Art’s Sake doesn’t hold the same magic for me if it is quick sketch in a notebook – that is a brief effort, not requiring much investment on the part of the artist.

momental_designs1132 From top left:  Some produce, heavenly Hellebore, Amanda shooting stationery and the lovely models being coiffed.

I create art everyday, but admittedly it is most often with a very specific purpose in mind and usually intended for a very particular person.  Of course, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything but I do crave an outlet, to create exactly what I have rolling around in my brain, for no other reason than I must get it out!  There you have it, the very reason I crave these elaborate projects with like minded creatives.  These photoshoots are a way to just create and make, the exact way we want to create and make….no parameters, no expectations.  We free ourselves of these constraints and open the door to making art in a big way.

momental_designs1137 From top left:  Tanti’s bouquet, Natalie filming, Jess being silly.

So yesterday, I put down my brushes and let this scene become my tool.  An elaborate wedding table and brightly hued gowns became my paint.   These beautiful people I worked with were my partners in creation and together we made something beautiful, just because we could.