Inspired Ink – Invitation for Kate Spade's Candy Darling Bag

Earlier this week I shared the 2010 Momental Gift Guide and today after swooning the entire week decided to create an invitation inspired by this lovely bag by one of my favs, Kate Spade.  Iconic shapes, delicate patterns, unexpected materials and saturated color use are hallmarks of this fashion icon’s designs.  Who wouldn’t be inspired?

My interpretation of the Candy Darling bag includes Envelopments Ecru Swiss dot pattern stock, wax paper and a gold beading.

My highly stylized Dahlia boom was completely hand painted onto a wax paper element wrapped around the top one third of the invitation layout.  Shimmery red  and gold inks first bubbled on the slick surface and then settled a bit to create a textured and dimensional finish.

A huge thanks to all at Kate Spade for being my artistic muse this week!  Be sure to check out their Holiday campaign launched recently…one word. yum.