Guest Blogger – Vintage Styling Inspirations from Maggpie Vintage Rentals Part II

More from styling mavin Maggie today!!  Did you miss her first post earlier this week?  Take a look!
3. Who knew you can dress up the table that’s going to hold china and silverware? Well Kim apparently did…

Throw your favorite piece of fabric over-top, stack your mis-matched china & add some silverware into a tin and voila!

4. Side table! I don’t think I need to explain this one.

(Love the colors here Maggie, teal and tangerine?  Yes please!!! – K)

5. And for the men! Throw some cigars in there and we’ve got ourselves a bar/lounge area. (of course this can go both ways..but we’ve got to give the guys a little love here and there right?)

(This might just be my favorite moment from Maggie and Kim.  I adore the moody vintage-romantic vibe of it all! – K)

I cannot say thank you enough to Maggie for taking the time to create such detailed inspiration for us.  It is incredibly obvious she loves every moment of styling of styling with her gorgeous collection of pieces.  Maggie has a fun showroom in Northeast PA so be sure to give her a call if you are in the area!

Hugs to the talented Kim Winey for the stunning photography!