Feeling alive, getting inspired.

Last night, I posted an interesting question on Twitter.  Certainly not a question that has never been asked before, but an interesting one just the same.  The question was simple –  “what makes you feel most alive in your work?”  I immediately thought of the question I am asked so often – “what inspires you”?  I think this is an important question we should all ask ourselves, regardless of our professions, don’t you think?

I put together a few images from the past several days that made me stop and say wow.  Obviously pattern is an affinity of mine, saturated color, yes, but also the concept of contrast.  The bull posing in front of the fussy wallpaper is a good example of my obsession with contrasts.

The gorgeous headboard below is motivating an invitation design, but after the idea simmers a bit in mind.


From top left – Longwood Gardens, Anthropologie, Catherine’s Animals, Red Headboard via Design Sponge

So, what inspires you; makes you feel most alive?

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