A Peek into the Studio – Custom Wedding Certificate

Nicole contacted me earlier this year after reading an interview I did for The Bride’s Cafe.  She had a very special request and hoped I could help.  Nicole envisioned a custom, hand-painted wedding certificate allowing space for each wedding guest to sign as witness to their marriage.  She explained her color palette included bold jewel tones with a strong peacock theme throughout.  Nicole planned to frame the final piece for display as a daily reminder of the day – no pressure!


I created several sketches for Nicole before beginning work on the final piece.  The artwork was completely composed free-hand.  Each color was layered onto the delicately shimmering matt board as a backdrop.  Admittedly I was a bit nervous about capturing the gentle grace of each peacock feather, but in the end I was relieved and pleased.

Thank you Nicole for entrusting me with the creation of this artistic heirloom!