Creative in Love – Our Story, the Wedding, Our Marriage

So today marks the first official new series of posts on RiceInk.  If you’ve never visited here before or haven’t read up since last year, you may want to start with this post.  My New Year’s intentions involved a bit of change on this blog and this post fills you in on all the details!

I’ve been blogging for years…in the beginning my posts were incredibly sporadic and I often only shared artwork and other Momental related projects.  Over the years I introduced everyone gradually to the Hubby, otherwise known as Adam.  The Hubby makes a somewhat regular appearance on my blog here and there when my mood strikes, but this year I plan to change that and here’s why…

Weddings have become a widespread reason to dive deep into all the pretty details – the minutia of color palettes, flowers and what-not that so many blogs (including my own) have built their content around.  So I wondered is there room for marriage on our blogs?  What is happening to these pretty couples, marrying in pretty locations and moving into pretty homes?


I hope so.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing more exciting to me than creating art for a couple that really means something.  The kind of art they can’t wait to show off to their guests; art they want to hang on their walls….I will never turn my back on the pretty and detail of weddings…never.  I do however believe we need to nourish our decor-minded approach to weddings just as much as our approach to marriage.  Marriage being what happens after the wedding – the reality of trying to love someone everyday, give more than take and laugh more than cry.

My marriage is what I’m most proud of.   It is my greatest accomplishment, mostly because it is always challenging me.   It’s never perfect…never… but it works.   I can articulate many reasons why Adam and I work…but a lot of why we are still going strong is unexplainable – something I can’t put into words.  Perhaps if you got to know us better you could see it and understand.

So our story begins simply.  I was in ninth grade he was in eleventh.  Yes, that’s right, we met in high school.  I fell fast an hard for the big eyed, slightly dorky Junior who saved me from a nightmare date at homecoming that year.  We met over a long line for the water fountain.  Adam was a gentleman from day 1.  My date to homecoming was horrible and his rude behavior included cutting in line to grab a drink just as it was my turn.  Adam stepped in and had some words for my suitor.  We spent a good part of that night chatting and laughing while my date disappeared somewhere, thankfully.

Oddly it wasn’t until years later, after being good friends for a while that we started dating…


Once we became a couple though, there was no looking back.  Our relationship traveled to Penn State for two years and then we were long-distance-in-love for another two while I finished my degree…the rest is history and well being reserved for some fun blog posts coming up!


This coming May Adam and I will celebrate 13 years of marriage and this year I plan to share more of us on this blog.  Don’t expect marriage advice or anything – we’re not that good…but just sweet stories of how we love and give in our lives everyday or at least how we try…