A Peek into the Studio – Pink Cabbage Rose, Dahlia and Waxflower Wedding Invitations

Nothing gives me greater joy than sitting at my home studio painting table and having at it.  A few months back I transformed the corner of our sun porch into a small painting space.  I spend most of my hours each week in a bustling studio with 8 other women – space to spread out and paint the hours away abounds but most days the hours fall away to much needed phone calls, questions answered and quick sketches.  So my small home studio has become a sort of a refuge….it is where I go when I want to completely immerse myself in pencil and watercolor.

Part of what I do everyday is plan…plan for paintings, new designs and then there are days when those plans come to life.  The painting I planned for David and Rachel began with a phone conversation and a plan that evolved over several quiet hours in my home studio…

We began with a Painted Bouquet look where soft pink Dahlias, Coral Cabbage Roses, Chocolate Cosmos, Red Berries and Waxflowers swirled together in a graceful flourish.  The Floral Wedding Invitation combined with Envelopments delicate Repousse pattern in soft pink.  A creamy coral layer of cardstock layer completed the look with a simply clarity.

The Chocolate Cosmos were my favorite.  Rich, deep layers of brown and crimson watercolor created an unforgettable depth here.


Months later, Jess and Steph D. created a delicate suite of Ceremony Programs, Schedule of Events and Seating Cards – each derived from favorite invitation artwork elements.  Buttery gold cardstock for the Programs evolved the color story a bit…


Each piece was individually painted with creamy white, coral and sheer shimmer inks.  David, the Groom had super specific ideas about how the paint mingled with selected papers…and wanted to make sure each brushstroke popped and had a powerful finish both to the touch and eye!


Ahh!! Loved these table numbers!


A small choice but so impactful – the creamy coral cardstock made another appearance on each place card…adore this touch.


Thanks so much to David for inspiring one of my newest floral paintings and of course to the team for bringing this new collection to life.  You amaze me everyday!