Who I admire?

So I took the pledge and today is the day to name the five wedding professionals that inspire me most! If you recall I posted last week regarding Bride Tide’s call to bloggers. I promised to blog today about not just 1 but 5 people in the wedding industry who inspire me! So let’s get started….

1. Fellow stationery designer
Fellow artist, Amy Beth Cup Dragoo of ABCDesigns crafts the most lucsious stationery pieces. Her designs are filled with playful imagery, exquisite pattern and impeccable style!

2. Business Advisor
Those familiar with Twitter and the world of weddings surely find great inspiration from Sean Low, president of Preston Bailey Designs, Inc. Every week I anticipate his inspiring and insanely relevant blog posts “The Business of Being Creative.” – not to be missed for any creative individual looking to make their passion a living.

3. Regional (Northeast PA) Wedding Professional
I have mentioned the fantastically creative Shane East many times on RiceInk. Shane “paints” with his camera and dizzies me with his portrayal of emotion. He is a SanDiego transplant that Northeastern PA brides have the priviledge to work with!

4. Wedding Planner
Last December I had the honor to work with Katalin Green, Montana wedding planner.
Her impeccable attention to detail and passion for collaboration are truly inspiring.

5. Photographer

Last October I had the pleasure of meeting Donna Von Bruening at Engage 08: The Encore. Donna’s work truly captivates. Her photos are so inspiring that almost weekly I stop production to gather the Momental Girls around the monitor to see the most recent of Donna’s masterful creations!

Take a look at some other wedding bloggers inspirations from today:

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