Trend-Sketching, NYC Bridal Market 2012 – Theia Couture

So let’s get everyone caught up a bit… If you remember, last year, we decided to brave into the world of Bridal Fashion during market in NYC where designers debut their newest for the coming seasons.  Well again this year, we spent a whirlwind 4 days in the big apple meeting with designers and watching their artistic plunder glide down the runways. Literally just back (last night at 3 am to be exact) we’re armed with our sketched interpretations of the trends which we’ll share all this week!

We’re kicking off our Bridal Market 2012 Trend Sketching Report with the always innovating Theia CoutureDon O’Neil, the creative force of substantial vision and color savvy assembled a collection full of delicate hues and thoughtful textures.  The show began and I sketched furiously as the runway was energized with an ethereal grace.  Shimmery finishes were captured in paint and inks in my attempt to communicate the incredible textures seen throughout.  Blushy nudes and glimmering golds popped into view and the drama built as each gown passed.  The sketch reveals a key trend that admittedly has been mounting for some time; rose gold is here and will certainly prove to enchant us in varying intensities throughout our Bridal Market reports.

My brush floated warm gold, pink-ish ambery glow and a soft palette of bronze touches, mostly inspired by Theia’s showstopper ballgown seen below middle.   A play of highs and lows in textile and color added a certain dimension and depth that is unmistakeably Theia.

A few standouts for us were from left:  First we were enchanted by a strapless Filcoupe Ballgown, where lofty lace pattern overlay onto a blush skirt creating a youthful drama.  Rose Gold hues emerged in another strapless ballgown filled with sheer and brocade contrasts.  A sandy silk gown with raw edges layered milky hues and sheer textures.

Images courtesy of Craig Bannerman

So what are we thinking of Rose Gold?  Love it? Leave it? Come on, you can be honest…

Stay tuned this week! SKETCHED coverage of faves from last year like Tara LaTour and new finds like Leila Hafzi are coming your way!