Trend-Sketching NYC Bridal Market 2011 – An Intro

Ladies, you are in for a treat.  Jess, my creative assistant and I have spent the last 4 days in NYC in the throws of Bridal Market week.  Each day was filled with thrilling shows and intimate appointments with some of the worlds elite in Bridal Fashion.  Why are stationers interested in gowns you might ask?  Well, let me tell you.  Often we see images of beloved gown or heirloom jewelry piece that has inspired so much of our couples’ events.  We know you are finding delicious moments of inspiration in your gowns and accessories and we want to speak to that process, flesh it out a bit more and support the belief that magical celebrations start with the smallest of notions.

Carol Hannah gorgeous, live sketching at Romona Keveza, Haunting beauty at Douglas Hannant

Fabric;  the way a crystal sparkles, a certain stitch in your gown and the way it reminds you of a beloved time or place, that is what Bridal fashion is all about.

From left, Aruna Seth pretties, Ivy and Aster color wow!, Jess

As newbies to the Bridal Market experience we decided to provide a fresh take. We wanted to capture the smaller moments of this bustling time for the industry and bring you a closer look and what we love the most – the details.  So we sketched and painted our way through.  We will speak of the the artisans who have gone back to the craft of dressmaking for elite collections in studios all over the world.  We will examine the finer details of carefully selected laces and highly edited aesthetics refined over years of diligent dedication to their art and skill.

Jess donning a Louis Mariette creation, Tara LaTour SKETCHED, Lela Rose delicacies

At each show or appointment I sketched while Jess asked thoughtful questions of these designers we so admire.  Stories of inspiration based on family history and the art of selecting fine fabrics, creating in small batches and hand dying distressed elements quietly came to life amongst the bustle of market.  My sketches were fast, instinctive interpretations of each collection.  We saw fashion  in this way to speak to so many other aspects of your planning from a admired rosette re-created on a cake to a bejeweled hairpiece custom created after a crystal pattern on your shoe.  Any art is not created in a vacuum.  It is a living, breathing life that depends on the natural world that surrounds each working artist.  We feed from eachother.  Thank you to each designer we met.  I feel honored to have captured your work.

SKETCHED from top left: Douglas Hannant embroidery detail, Aruna Seth live sketch, Margaret Rowe, Winnie Couture, Lela Rose, Monique Lhuillier, Douglas Hannant, Anne Barge, Carol Hannah

So beginning later today each designer and their SKETCHED looks will be shared with commentary on how to use these sweet details again and again to bring your vision to fruition!  Enjoy!