The New Collection is here!

I am still  a bit lost in the buzz of the Royal Wedding.  Not so much for all the pomp and circumstance that comes with the wedding of the century, as it has been dubbed but more so with the pure passion of it all.  The Duke and Duchess’s recent nuptials began the conversation that spoke of change for weddings.  Buzz was in the air from planners to stationers, photographers and of course our beloved brides.  We all felt it…a return to pure unabashed, unapologetic, romance was upon us.

This new collection launching today is about discovering what romance means to you.   Romance for some is frilly flowers painted in every shade of pink imaginable.  For others romance is the crisp mountain air captured in a watercolor sketch… Your story is all you and we are here to tell it in paint and paper.  Your story is art, painted beautifully.

I’ve  created a collection of handmade wedding invitation works that come from the heart, with a voice of so many couples we’ve designed with over the years.  The new designs are meant to inspire you to leap into the passion that surrounds your wedding!   Listen to your instinct and jump in to a world where art forges a new way to communicate tenderness, shared joys and pure heart.

So I invite you to explore, the nearly 17 new collections and of course we would love to hear what your favorites might be!

Check back often this week to hear more about mine and the Momental Girl’s new favorites from the collection.  I will also be sharing some exciting giveaways happening at some of our favorite blogs!!  Cheers!