Inspirations – A Royal Wedding Invitation and Opulent Tablescape

The world is abuzz.  Well execpt for those in Ravello, according to Marcy Blum. With the Royal Wedding fever to reach its pinnacle in about two hours time according to my eastern clock, the suspense is barely tolerable.  So what does this artist, invitation designer and all around wedding junkie do…blog!  Welcome to the very late night, super-royal special edition of RiceInk.  Never before have I scheduled a post at such a late hour but today’s historical events call for nothing less out of the ordinary!!
So today I have a opulent, over the top table scape designed by one of my favorites, Karen Tran.  Originally designed for Exquisite Weddings Magazine this shoot literally blew me away.  Looking back now it has Royal Wedding written all over it!  I can imagine this look set atop long tables in opulent fashion for a proper royal wedding banquet.  Soon we will know the exact details of  Catherine and Prince William’s wedding decor but for now a girl can still dream!

Karen turned over 400 peony and rose blooms into a lavish table runner.  Beaded linens, gold rimmed china, feather touches and my hand painted menus came together in fussy, lovely harmony.  Our Vintage Pattern Orchid artwork was heavily painted in various shade of gold and creamy ivory against a shimmery white cardstock.

My instincts say the Royal Wedding will be overflowing with white and ivory blooms galore, but who knows, maybe Kate will surprise us?

So soak it in everyone, the last few hours of delicious anticipation!!  History is being made and we are all along for the ride!

Kudos to the amazing team Karen assembled for this project!

All of these gorgeous shots are from  Rippee Photography,
Florals – Karen Tran
LinensWildflower Linen
Chairs Chameleon Chairs