Inspirations – Alberto Giacometti and The Ghostly Celebration

Alberto Giacometti was first introduced to me in college by a professor who likened my figure sketches to his.  At the time I was a bit offended as I saw Giacometti as dark and messy.  Over time though, I gained an appreciation for this artist’s deconstructed figures and the elegance of his sketchy hand.  Today his moody portraits are inspiring a fun inspiration board I am calling The Ghostly Celebration.  Sure, fun for a Halloween day post but this look juxtaposes ghostly details with elegant materials and finishes fit for any time of year.  I’m working on a project currently that the bride is calling her look Ghostly Glam.  Oh just wait…it is so good.  So enjoy everyone and take another look at Giacometti.  Try not to get lost in his haunting illustrations.

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