Inspirations – Thankful for Adam

The Holidays bring out a certain nostalgia, of course, don’t we all feel it at some point?  Friends on instagram and twitter have been sharing daily thankful thoughts this month and I wish I was doing the same.  Stopping this morning to think about what I’m thankful for translated into this, I’m afraid, very sentimental, impromptu post.  I give you fair warning….

When we were first married I would hear stories from more seasoned couples, those who were married maybe 5 or more years.  Some would talk of how your love grows for the other, how it transforms and builds every passing day.  How could I be in love more with Adam (The Hubby) than I was at that moment?  We spent years dating, intertwined our lives so tightly, wrote wedding vows and exchanged them – how could I show or feel love more, I wondered?  I simply couldn’t imagine it.

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But here I am, nearly 13 years later and I’m humbled by this man I call The Hubby.  He has become someone I not only love and admire but someone I look up to.  Not in a old-school, “the husband knows best” sort of way though….Adam inspires me, to be kinder, more generous, more understanding…every day without fail.  I couldn’t have dreamed the life we built together.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  I couldn’t imagine the person I would be without having known or felt his kindness.  So grateful today…so grateful for today.  XO


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