My Story is Art – Coming Soon

kristy-rice-shop kristyrice-original-art watercolor-fabric watercolor-wallpaper

Friends, someone once told me that to really create a brand that resonates, you must dig deep to the core of what you do best. That is just what I’ve done with the coming launch of our new shop at

{Two years ago we launched Shop Momental offering products that so many had asked for over the years.  We love Shop Momental and always will, but just the same, this sweet little shop missed the mark of my heart in many ways. }

My passion lies in painting.  Painting for the sake of painting and painting to the end of finding joy in our days.  Amidst so many blessings both in business and personal, I have seen many disappointments, frustrations and cried too many tears to count BUT friends God revealed one truth to me years ago…We can find joy regardless of circumstance and for many like myself, that joy can come in making and admiring art.

{So you guessed it the new Shop and all it’s many new products speak directly to the end of finding joy through art.}

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We’re launching officially on October 19th and will be hosting several giveaways around the internet, so stay tuned!

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