My Story is Art – I’m Kristy, the Painter

Hi Friends, I’m Kristy, the painter.

It’s been such a long while since I (re)introduced myself here.  We’ve seen an influx of new readers and followers across our social media existence so I decided it was high time to say hello and let you know a bit more about me, circa 2015!  Okay, friends, I’m about to get real…bear with me.

To learn more about the very early beginnings of Momental and THE hand-painted, watercolor wedding invites, read here.

My journey to today is only by the grace of God.  However, I speak lightly as statements like this can seem alienating to some.  Please know, I only want to share my reality not judge anyone else’s.

{God is my savior because believing in his promises literally saved me.}

He saved me from unnecessary worry, jealousy and bitterness.  His words retaught me the power of unabashed generosity and the redemptive power of loving deeply – strangers and family alike.  I don’t expect anyone I meet to follow my beliefs and I have the utmost respect for your personal decisions but to fully understand this story, is to know that I’m a grateful believer.

{In 2013 my business saw it’s most prosperous year…In that year I learned to worry, I discovered what greed felt like and I became a painter for others and rarely for myself.}

Reaching a low point in the fall of 2013, I woke up one morning and didn’t go to the studio for a week.  I couldn’t move… my heart was frozen.  Every decision sent me into a tailspin of despair.  I recall sitting on my patio, bundled in blankets and just staring for hours, lost in the whirlwind of “how did I get here, and what do I do next?” Thankfully, in one simple, but powerful moment, my life changed.  God met me in my despair and gave me a new life.

I began painting again, for me alone.  I painted flowers, more flowers, and flowers for days and months.  For a long time I’d shied away from painting flowers as I’d become typecast, so to speak.  But now, I realized I needed to paint what was in my heart, what gave me most joy.  End of story.  Resisting the urge to share these works online, I was focused on creating my art, for only the sake of creating art – no other agenda.   And so here, my personal life was reborn as was Momental.

{At that point, Momental Designs was 10 years in the making and due for a breath of new life.  At the core of Momental was my artwork.  We’d since brought on other artists but just the same, my heart for fine art in weddings is what Momental was all and gratefully still is ALL ABOUT.}

Fast forward to now and you will find a completely different person running the business of Momental. I’m no longer afraid (most days).  I no longer seek more gains than are needed to support my family and those of my artists.  I no longer fear God’s call on my life and walk more confidently towards the future.  My personal painting  has evolved immeasurably to a mingling of color, texture and surprise.

Momental Designs was relaunched in early 2015 revealing the site you see now.  To capture the soul and spirit we introduced film into every nook and cranny of the site.  Bringing to life, The Hand Painted Moment created with every touch of the brush to invitation, film was the only option.

{Momental is…now, without apology, bold and spunky, timeless and treasured, black tie and boho.  Momental is, a group of passionate, powerful women, striving to tell your story every single day.   We don’t pretend to be on trend, we just promise to be exactly who we are.}

In February I signed two book contracts with Schiffer Publishing.  One for a series of three Water-Coloring Books, the first of their kind, to be launched in January 2016.  The second for a wedding inspiration title based in fine art and painting, due out mid 2016.

Two weeks ago we launched the transformation of our online shop (Shop Momental). is now the homebase for my personal mission to bring casual art making to the forefront of finding joy.  I believe and know with every cell of my being that art making can and will bring joy to your life, regardless of circumstance and I know, because I’ve lived it.  #artforjoysake

The last chapter in this tale of transformation is about family.  Casting off fear led to my most powerful revelation – I want to be a Mama.  This story is one for later but for now follow along our journey to baby here.

Thanks for listening friends, old and new.  XO

Truth be told, I had a few sips of wine to get these headshots…I hate having my photo taken!
The late, Harry the Hairless… He was our studio mascot for many years.
Abu, one of our current studio mascots!


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