A Peek into the Studio – Purple Glam Watercolor Wedding Invitations

I was introduced to Maria and her family by the amazing Lauren Chitwood of Laura Chitwood Events.  With a ton of inspiration in our arsenal, Jillian and I went to the task of creating a fine art, interior design inspired invitation full of bold color and luxe details.

{We began with an instinctive gathering of inspirational imagery which included a vibe strongly influenced by the incomparable Kelly Wearstler.}

Interior Design inspiration for these Purple Glam Watercolor Wedding Invitations is just about the best place you could begin.  A single room can contain layers of stimulating texture, color and finish.

{We encourage our couples to find even the smallest of details to be their wedding design muse.}

It could be a wallpaper in their front hall, or a family heirloom vase or a beloved pashmina with a delicate pattern.  If you start with inspiration that makes your heart swell, imagine what will follow with invitations, decor and fashion…

{Elements of the design included a highly textured handmade paper, laser cut wraps in a mirror and watercolor painted finish.}


After foil printing, a delicate layers of watercolor were added.
The black stock here has the most lovely, velvety finish.
Mirror stock has such impact when used in the right place.
A double laser-cut wrap tied up with rich violet silk dupioni.

luxury-wedding-invitations luxury-wedding-invitationspurple-glam-wedding-stationery