A Peek into the Studio – Floral Watercolor Wedding Invitations

{Flowers are my heart and I don’t feel their tug on my spirit more than this time of year.}

Our first home was in upstate New York…an old, 1940’s neighborhood with charming homes but not a lot of land for each owner’s plot.  I gardened to my heart’s content on this small 1/8 of an acre and tried my best to learn everything I could about flowers – how to grow, when and where to grown and so on.

Now the Hubby and I live in Pennsylvania on a larger plot of land his parents gifted us.  We built our home on 40 acres and for years I dreamed of gardening this land.  I’ve had a ton of help from talented landscapers and my green thumb Dad – adding landscaping, building a fenced Dahlia garden, planting a cutting garden and so on.   I have to say, I much prefer picking and painting flowers than gardening them so I tend to splurge on flowers and gardening services rather than shoes or bags!

{From late March to October each year, my home is overrun with fresh blooms and my brush and I cannot seem to keep up!}

When the new Momental site was launched in March, I was possibly most proud of two collections in particular that had been completely revamped: Big Blooms (our offering of Floral Watercolor Wedding Invitations) and Black Tie Reinvented. For over a year the design team and I labored over new invitation suites inspired by some of the hundreds of floral paintings I’d begun and abandoned for one reason or another over time.  It was a painting and designing frenzy towards the end of 2014 but so worth the effort.

{My floral paintings are really just the beginning here…}

What inspires a couple when they visit and ultimately speaks to their story is where the true narrative of our artwork lies.  We begin with the simplicity of expressive artwork but it quickly evolves into something so much more…

{See how current Momental couples are expressing themselves with our brushstrokes}

{See one of my favorite floral invitation painting techniques in action – Contrast Painting!}

I’ve always struggled with painting roses. Finding my artistic voice amidst the swirl and twirl of these blooms seemed to mystify me until recently.
From the Black Tie Reinvented collection, ink illustrations of Dahlias and barely bloomed Peonies make their presence clearly known after being painted in white inks on champagne cardstock.


A loose and whimsical watercolor pattern in peach tones was printed on textured ivory stock and then layer upon layer of creamy white inks were applied on each.

hand-painted-peach-flowers-wedding-invitation  wine-peony-hand-painted-wedding-invitation

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