Inspirations – Handmade Wedding Invitations

The definition of the word Handmade literally makes my day:

(Made by hand, not by machine and therefore usually of superior quality.}

Amen, amen, amen.  Handmade invitations are our thing…but not the quickly pulled together with inferior materials type of handmade.  Our Handmade Wedding Invitations have soul and swagger friends.  We begin with heartfelt artwork, that is, drawings and paintings created by an artist who loves what they do, someone who looks forward to coming to work everyday and make beautiful happen on paper.

These days Handmade Wedding Invitations are often confused with DIY Invitations.  There is a difference, a big one.  But today, this is not what I’m writing about and let it be known that many couples DIY some incredible pieces for themselves.

Handmade is a personal luxury in our world.  The handmade has been making a come back over the last decade with the pinnacle of interest in the last 3 years or so.  The short of it on the Handmade movement? We’re all tired of the mass made Walmart offerings.

{We are NOT the Wonderbread generation and crave for our world to be full of communicate value.}

VALUE comes from careful consideration of resources, investing in some places but not all and above all else, making room in your lives for what truly inspires you.  Momental Couples make room and time for the Handmade.  They invest their vision into our team of artists and dreamers and excitedly wait to see their stationery dreams unfold into a suite they are ecstatic to send their guests.

So our mission statement here at Momental is all about the Handmade.  Read on…

{Carefully placed brushstrokes hold in them a raging river of emotion; the unspeakable kind of feeling that sends a shiver down your neck when you gaze at a sunset or warms your cheeks when you receive a long awaited embrace.  Art and the act of making art is an opportunity for both the maker and viewer to feel someTHING.

Kristy and her team want you to feel many things – joy, elation, anticipation and adoration.  Speaking about art for them is a love language they will teach you to understand.  Viewing art is a skill that comes easily to anyone willing to open their eyes and yes, our team is here to inspire in you that vision.

The Hand Painted Moment is that millisecond when you make a connection with art.  It is the realization of a texture that feels as if it has been hand painted, just for you.  The Hand Painted Moment gives life to memories and wrangles their lasting power in our hearts.

The Hand Painted Moment is our privilege to bring to you.}

{The Hand Painted Moment in action…}

Wood veneer with hand painted pink peonies.
Letterpress with a custom “family” crest and explosive watercolor everywhere!
Hand Painted message in a bottle wedding invitation
Hand painted gilded frame invitation
Architecture inspired wedding invitation


Handmade paper succulent wedding invitation