A Peek into the Studio – Modern Luxury Black Tie Wedding Invitations

We’re having a loving affair with foil here.  Not the over the top foil, that is dripping from every paper surface in your invitation suite, but Modern Luxury Black Tie Wedding Invitations mingles foil details effortlessly with a fine art brushstroke of gold ink or the deep impression of letterpress.

{Foil and watercolor combinations seem to master moments of artistic subtlety in an invitation suite perfectly.}

Lindsay had a specific vision that combined modern elements with classically twisted touches.  The traditional painted edge became a free hand brushstroke frame in gold.  The classic, staunch monogram notion transformed into simple greenery and a modern script.  Additional painted elements in the suite we just bold, quick, mindful brushstrokes of gold.

No fuss really, just exquisite stock, expert printing and a carefully curated collection of hand painted moments.

{Curious to see the evolution of Lindsay’s design experience?}

Black letterpress for the main body and classic gold foil for the monogram.


A closer look at the free hand painted frames on each invitation.
Twine gets a sophisticated bump with one of our favorites, laced with golden thread.

foil-letterpress-watercolor-wedding-invitations foil-letterpress-watercolor-wedding-invitations foil-letterpress-watercolor-wedding-invitations