Painted Revelry Tablescape on Ruffled Blog – Behind the Scenes Part II

Yesterday I gave  a Behind the Scenes look at our feature on Ruffled this past Tuesday.  Today I wanted to wrap things up by taking a closer look at the stationery and decorative details infused into the shoot!

I chose a soft tan and sage palette and decided to use a Contrast Painted sketchy peony.  Each menu was hand painted and detailed with gold painted dots.    Against the black Toile dishes the paper really pops.  I envisioned a layered, lush, slightly fussy look overall for the tablescape.  The Toile and Noritake dinnerware was boldly layered on the table amongst other textures such as the hobnail milk glass, crocheted lace and my painted runner.   I talk a lot about instincts and when it comes to being bold and using color and pattern you do need to listen to that intelligent voice inside.  When gathering the pieces for the shoot, I got some strange looks and inquisitive stares as I layered together seemingly disparate patterns and finishes, but I pushed on, listened to my heart and trusted my eye.


The table name card was really a challenge for me…I needed to be reserved somewhere in this tablescape design as to not take the whole thing over the edge of fussiness.  I opted for a hand scribbled border in black pen on a shimmering sage cardstock.


I love when invitations are a part of a tabelscape shoot, don’t you?  A peek into the details beyond the table give insight into what a bride may do beyond centerpieces and linens.  Here a cabbage rose sage green pattern from Envelopments was added to the reverse color palette seen in the menus.  The hand scribbled border appears again on the rsvp card.


Take a close look at the bouquet Dorian created.  Funny story…we had limited ribbon resources at the shoot so a simple white organza was originally tied around the greens.  It just didn’t seem to stand up to the surrounding details so I asked Dorian what he thought of wrapping the bouquet with a bit of the hand painted runner.  Next thing I heard was Rrrrip from behind the table and soon an expertly wrapped bouquet handle appeared.  I then grabbed a yellow crocheted doily to fashion a floppy knot.  Impromptu decisions sometimes produce the most exciting results!


A lemonade/iced tea table was another vignette we created.  On a trip to The Cottage days before the shoot I spotted this lovely vanity, of course on the fourth floor.  We decided to drag the piece down and use for our drink table!  I mixed up varieties of tea and lemonade and tied on smart little tags, cut a few juicy lemons and stacked pretty sugar cubes on a gold pedestal dish.  A vintage linen was strung between shutters along with a scribbled border sign reading “refresh”.


Last but not least is the love tiles from the ever-amazing Paloma’s Nest.  Caroline has been hard at work creating her new website (to launch on Monday, stay tuned) but still had some time to get these adorable tiles out to me!  I love old fashioned stick candy and found these perfect colors to tie up with grosgrain, a paper artwork tag and Caroline’s sweet little tiles – perfect gift for your guests, right?

Thanks so much for hanging in during my lengthy post and being so supportive of our crazy projects at the Momental Studio.  I probably shouldn’t say, but I will.  If you liked this shoot stay tuned for the other shoot created by the same team, shot the very same day.  More coming, not sure when but check back when you can!