Painted Revelry Tablescape on Ruffled Blog – Behind the Scenes Part I

You may remember a post from a few months ago, letting you know of my plans to collaborate with some favorite local talent on a tablescape shoot I had been visioning for some time.  First let me say that the team was made up of amazing people whose input and vision were integral to the end result of this shoot.  From the beginning I felt it was important to bring everyone together to bounce ideas around and ensure we were all pumped about the design.  On one chilly fall morning last year, that is exactly what we did.  On my part, sketches were made, food was ordered and the rest was history –  just a group of wedding creatives getting together to have some design fun!

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I received the email from Leila, letting me know Amanda at Ruffled Blog had simply fallen in love with our tablescape.  Yesterday, a full feature made it’s way to the front page of Ruffled and I and the team couldn’t be more thrilled!  I decided to share some shots not seen on Ruffled over the next two days but first let me tell you more about my amazing team!

Daniel our photographer is a trusted friend whose work never ceases to amaze me.  He had great input to include some edgy, artistic details in signage and color choices.  Dorian our designer of flowers and more, was amazing in the moment, dashing around with his buckets of flowers, whipping up amazing looks as quickly as you could say go.  He was a joy to watch as his intensity and trust in the process produced some of the most joyful flower designs I have seen. Cathy our cake designer and I worked very closely on the sugar creations as so much of what she designed included my paper sculptures.  It was such a blast to put our heads together and feed off eachother’s energy.  Emarie from La Tavola Linens, actually sat on the phone , amazing me with her photographic memory of thier linen inventory, hand picking the linens she thought would work best with the tablescape vision.  When the massive linen box arrived I was thrilled to find extra linen options included, that we hadn’t even discussed!  Caroline from Palomas Nest has become a good friend recently and enthusiastically provided many pieces of which she had no clue what I was planning for.  Thanks Caroline for trusting me!

momental_designs527As mentioned on Ruffled we tried to pull off a spring looking shoot but how could we fight the natural magic going on that day?
Yellow leaves were everywhere!  The shot on the right shows off the peony linen from LaTavola.

momental_designs531The cake concept started it all and my Sculpted Bloom was the centerpiece.  Strokes of watercolor for shading and painted
dots at the flowers center gave a fun, edgy feel to this whimsical bloom.  The Cottage at Hillside (where we plan to party for our renewal in PA) can be seen in all it’s glory behind the cake.  Will, the owner gave us free reign over the place, allowing me to dig through 4 floors of old furniture, books and china to make our shoot just right.  It was an honor to spend time in this stunning 1800’s home.

momental_designs533A close-up shot of the hand painted table runner against my Grandmother’s gold creamer.

Check back tomorrow as I reveal more about the stationery, lemonade stand and more from this shoot!