Out and About – Student Art Inspires

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. – Edgar Degas

Last night I had the honor of judging local student artwork for a juried art competition that is near and dear to my heart.  You’ve heard me mention my beloved art teacher Sue Hand.  She is the mastermind behind the locally famed Rosetti art exhibit and puts as much passion into curating this show as any of her stunning watercolor paintings.  Each year I am brought in along with respected teachers and designers to accomplish the nearly impossible task of judging student works.  I know first hand the time and grueling passion that goes into creating art; it is a very personal and intense experience.  Submitting your work for scrutiny in a competition only magnifies those feelings.  BRAVO to everyone who entered their work.  Myself and all the judges were blown away by the level of talent, keen eyes and creative pursuits evident at every turn in the gallery.

A few of my favorites include this piece titled “Chinatown”.  Innovative composition, an inventive color palette and a refined use of brushstroke and glazing produced a look that caught everyone’s attention.

From left Red Rockingboat, the Doorway,  a Trompe l’oeil masterpiece and Snowscene in oil.  It is one thing to work from a photo, because as artists we all do this at one time or another.  Capturing the intense sunlight and the joy it ensues or bringing to life a scene that peeks hauntingly into the interior of a barn takes skill yes, but also passion.  Passion in every brushstoke, dedication in each delicate glaze of paint, patience with each shadow and highlight created are the mix of elements that make good work epic and apt artists, iconic.

Thanks for following along…I hope you are inspired by these young artists as much as I am.