My Story is Art – Traveling through and Engage-ing

Woke up today and realized I have been on the road since June.  Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath… now what?  This year so far has brought larger that life celebrations, education, artistic exploration, endearing couples and immense learning.  An appreciation for place and precious time and all that can be done  sweeps over me and I am instantly grateful.

Just back from a magical 5 days in Grand Cayman, I sit here, laptop armed, twitter feed spinning and sketchbook by my side.  I am instantly moved as I am every morning to see what is going on…catch up, ensure I don’t miss a beat.  The last few days however made me second guess the quiet morning I was depriving myself.

My dear friend Donna Von Bruening opened up recently and shared a very personal story that I can’t seem to shake.  She told of a personal struggle with working too much and not living nearly enough.  Yet somehow she marched from the turmoil to the other side to find grace, humility, her dear couples…her life.  She learned to love again.

I am grateful for the friends I have made who keep me balanced and remind me to live this glorious life.  I adore my couples who in short, push me to be better and keep the artistic fire in my belly alive.  I am blessed to know the Engage family and interact with individuals who keep it real everyday.

So today first I share with you a peek at my travels last week…

From left, Randy Fenoli reminding us to Paint the Picture for ourselves and our brides, Contrast Painted shells on gold shimmer name cards for Engage!11 attendees, my sweet traveling companion Mom, Art vs. Artistry notes from Sean Low and finally a restful moment at the Caribbean Club beach.

Next, I will tell my dear Kelley and Jessica what a fabulous job they did taking care of our brides while I was away. Love you XO

I will put the suitcases in the attic, if only for a few weeks.

I will make my hubby his favorite soup and look forward to…the possibilities.