Behind the Scenes – Watercolor Letterpress for the The Bridal Circle

So I promised more on our Watercolor Letterpress didn’t I?  Well, sink your creative brains into this project for a moment, it will be worth it, I promise.

There are few words that do justice to a look, a feel or a touch.  I find it infinitely difficult to put words to our Hand Painted Letterpress projects.  I only know that a sly grin and shiver usually results from just one glance at the strong impression into cotton papers washed with watercolor tones.  Last week we painted for Sade, who recently launched a luxury wedding vendor resource named The Bridal Circle.  Sade wanted to make an impression and we definitely feel she did.  Let the images tell the rest of this story:

We began by sketching The Bridal Circle logo in pencil and pairing with our signature sketchy peony pattern…

Then soft watercolor washes in shades of gold, coral and blush were added throughout.  We work fast so instinct reigns, yielding a lively stroke and effortless vibe.

A smooth watercolor stroke of blush with a wide brush was added to frame the letterpress impression…

All tied up with pretty silk dupioni!