My Story is Art, Painted Beautifully

Elizabeth Messina

Every so often I feel the need to wax poetic; please forgive me in advance…today is one of those days.  After creating handmade, hand painted wedding invitations for over 7 years, building a team of 8+ employees and traversing the many highs and lows that owning a business can bring; this girl needs to take a moment and just be grateful.  It seems in this life we breeze about our days in a rush to the next big moment, project or trip.  We scoop up every opportunity to make a name for ourselves, our employees and for me the friends I have the joy of working with each day.  Don’t get me wrong, drive and passion are all good things but only when balanced by a strong sense of the life you are creating alongside a business or career.  I read this post by Liene Steven’s and this one by Sean Low earlier this week and both spoke to me in so many ways.  Our businesses and brands are so closely intertwined with our souls and personalities that it can be immensely difficult to have a life or even desire moments that exist outside of creating our art.  As an artist though I have mindfully chosen to craft moments where I can just be me; admiring and feeling life, not always the me going after life, if you know what I mean.

I read a little excerpt from the Elizabeth Messina studio tour on Brooklyn Bride a few weeks ago where she was speaking about her blog.

“…its been so wonderful to share a little bit of myself without anyone editing me or my work….i feel connected to the world in a way i couldn’t have imagined….”

In a way I imagine Ms. Messina’s connection with her blog is her mindful moment to just be and carefully share bits of herself with the world.  So with that being said  I plan to do the same…take a day each week and break from Peeks into the Studio and Behind the Scenes posts to share a bit of myself; what makes me tick, what get’s my creative juices flowing and what gives me rest. 

I am an artist. I see, hear and feel the world in color.  I like what I like and sometimes it defies description.  I can fall in love with a simple shadow in a photograph, texture or pose and have it make me want to paint.  These simple, un-categorizable types of moments are those I plan to share.  Our lives are full of moments…more of the kind hopefully that make us want to sing and paint, dance and write.  My story is art and makes me want to paint it beautifully with passion, generosity and care.  Join me?