My Story is Art – A Momental Girl in Atlanta

Today’s post comes late as I sit in my sweet little hotel room in Atlanta, surrounded by the first quiet of my day.  Over the years I have traveled… a lot while meeting talented folks along the way.  I make it a point to soak in my travel; meet people, talk long and dream big.  So a few years ago I did just that at an industry party with two ladies from Atlanta; Sharon, who makes brilliant cakes and Christine, who captures life with her keen and artful eye.  We spoke about a big project with loads of inspiration, delicate cakes with sugar blooms and painted paperie everywhere.  So finally, tomorrow our big ideas are coming to life in an editorial shoot designed just the Atlanta based magazine,  Occasions.

So over the next few days you may want to pop in to see a bit from my days in this gorgeous city.  The weather is fine and the people are friendly…and tomorrow we get to indulge in some artistic-just-because, all with hopes of inspiring both brides and party-throwers alike or maybe those who simply love a romatic, lacy gown and the prettiest of paperie.

My journey began in the studio, at the painting table surrounded by calligraphy from Moya Minns, at Atlanta native.  New bloom watercolor paintings unfolded with the fresh-picked aesthetic of Amy Osaba as my muse.  You guessed it, she is an Atlanta gal and part of our artistic team.

Today, while just minutes of the plane I stepped into a day of site visits and selecting last minute dinnerware pieces for our imaginary table-top design about to unfold.  A stop at Four Inch Fold was like coming home to shelves of old books and stacks of vintage plates.

Tonight I’m sifting through the Hand Painted Invitations and such I created just for our shoot.  All inspired by Claire Pettibone Gowns, these, my newest creations indulged my most fussy and romantic sensibilities…

So I log off for some much needed sleep, thinking of all tomorrow will bring.  Good people, with the best of ideas and innovative talents.  We’re not just making pretty here, we’re making connections.  Artists who create together are linked in small ways for life through the memory of sweet glance caught on camera or the swoosh of a brushstrok’s perfect color.

Let’s you and I conjure together. You watch me and I’ll watch you and I will show you how to show me how to show you how to do our marvelous human tricks together. –  Courtney Milne