My Story is Art – A Momental Girl in Atlanta II

Check out Part I of my Atlanta adventure… Read on for more!

Atlanta breezed by in a whirlwind way leaving me with sore feet, good memories and a few remaining red velvet cupcakes made by the lovely Sharon.  But seriously, my trek to Atlanta was less about the food I ate of the laughs I had and all about the people I connected with.  Your besties on Twitter become real people face to face and suddenly you feel like you’ve know them forever, in a small but real way.

Starting the day with 3 Claire Pettibone gowns staring you down is never a bad thing.  Creating shade in a Tuscany-esque courtyard and kneeling on hard stone until your knees are numb, to get that stationery shot just right isn’t glamorous but all part of a shoot day.

Amy Osaba is one fun gal.  Incredibly open to collaboration, she welcomed us all to be part of her creative experience.   She is a true artist with a friendly spirit.  Very much looking forward to working together again.

P3 Lab rocked makeup and hair for three models, while Christine chased the sun and shade all day with her camera.  I’m pretty sure she is the most tired of us all, after a marathon day of shooting!

The first stationery shot of the day and still my favorite.  Pencil sketched blooms filled with delicate watercolor washes and Moya’s calligraphy…this is my heart.  Some styling pieces from Four Inch Fold made this look a moment.

A trip to Atlanta, I learned, is not complete without an order at The Varsity counter.  Slaw dogs and fried pies were my dinner.  Big hugs to Sharon for being my tour guide and personal supplier of THE best Red Velvet cupcakes.

So, this is about all I can share for now.  Keep an eye out for the fruits of our labor in an upcoming Occasions issue!

Lastly and most importantly is a thank you to the team.  I never tire of mingling talents and am so grateful for the passionate work, time and…well sweat that all of you put into the day.   Until next time! XO