My Best Friend's Wedding – The Proposal

A few weeks ago I introduced my best friend Amy.  Remember, the one  planning an Eastern Shore wedding full of personal details?  Today I wanted to share her super sweet proposal story…

Stephen took Amy to Florida to meet the parents…how nerve wracking, right?  On one of the last days of the trip the ENTIRE family visited the aquarium.  Little did Amy know that Stephen had several different proposal scenarios cooked up for that week but each one was missed for one reason or another.  Note to the grooms; don’t put anyone else in charge of holding the ring for safekeeping 😉

At the aquarium, several minutes to closing, Stephen finally had his chance.  He spotted a caricature artist and knew instantly his plan…this guy can think on his feet for sure.  Coaxing Amy to sit for a couple-style caricature was no easy feat but I am sure Amy is happy she agreed.  Once the artist was through, he quickly presented Amy and Stephen with his work.  Amy was sure what she was looking at but before she could think twice, Stephen was on one knee with the ring!

Next up are the save the dates!  Amy and I have been busy finalizing her Storyline style design…I cannot wait to share.  Here is a sneak peek!