Engage!10 The Breakers – The Speakers, Sketched

Last week had the honor of attending Engage!10 at The Breakers in West Palm BeachRead more here about my love of these wedding industry symposiums…
Rebecca and Kathryn asked me this time around to sketch each speaker…Many know that my way of experiencing the day and plethora of information shared is to sketch while I take notes.  It is easy to find inspiration since everyone is dressed always beautifully and emits the most creative energy imaginable…

Here is my look at some favorites from the nearly 40 speaker sketches I created! Later this week I will share the live sketches!

Loved Rebecca’s wrap blouse it intense fuchsia…so fun to sketch…

Lara Casey from Southern Weddings is always lovely and dressed impeccably.

Marilyn from Inside Weddings looks fab in green!  Carley and David from The Knot getting some cuddle time.

Randy Fenoli and Sylvia Weinstock have a special relationship at Engage.  They can usually be found together on the dance floor!

I got to know Bernadette (who is a innovator in the same sex wedding market) from 14 Stories a bit better this time around.  The same goes for Susan from Destination Weddings and Honeymoons…after several quick meetings we finally had the chance to connect!

Brian Rafanelli mezmerized the room with his no nonsense approach and inspiring stories.  Abby Larson from Style Me Pretty is incredibly kind in person, we all love her, right?

And lastly, Brooke Thomas from Weddings Unveiled Magazine’s cover sketch!!!  See what fun can happen when a headshot cannot be found??!!