My Best Friend's Wedding – Life at the Speed of Light and One Year Ago

Time seems to be moving at the speed of light these days.  My mother in law always says each year comes quicker than the last and I am realizing this to be true.  Scary yes, but more so inspiring.  Inspiring because the moment I start to fuss and worry my mind triggers to think of all that is precious.  Being moved to marvel at life rather than worried about it,  is my goal.  Today I’m marveling at my two friends and the life they have just begun building for themselves…

One year ago today my best friend married her soul-mate Stephen.  How they met and came to be instant friends is a testament to all that is sacred in love and life.   So my love and best wishes go out to you both today.  Cheers to two people who know just how fleeting this life is and are committed not only to each other, but also to making each moment count.

 Their expressions say it all in these shots by Danny Bostwick.  I can only show so much but be patient, more from this wedding in 2013!