A Momental Girl Get's Married – Interview with ADG Photography

Today you are in for a treat!  Our Momental Girl getting hitched in September chose a photographer whose respect for art history and curious aesthetic suit the wedding just beautifully.  So read on as I got to know Amber of ADG Photography in this fun interview.  From an impromptu Chiaroscuro shot in Fontfill Castle (will make your heart skip a beat)  to some Dorthea Lange vintage, this gal knows her stuff and herself….
What inspires you the most on a daily basis?
Art, in all its forms. Whether it be the music that I am listening to, a painting that I am studying, or something else, these things most certainly have the biggest influence on me creatively.
Nerves on the wedding day play a huge role, how do you help your couples combat this?I try to start combating this long before the big day. By meeting with people in-person prior to the wedding, and hopefully having an engagement session, it helps both of us to be more comfortable with one other, and in turn, takes out at least one stresser on the day of. Not only that, but I don’t like to pressure my couples to do anything the day of that would be against their wishes. Let’s be honest, a pushy vendor is the last thing you want to deal with on your wedding
Who is your favorite painter and why?
This is a difficult one. My undergraduate degree is actually in Art History, so I have studied a wealth of different movements, some of which I have become very fond of. Here are two complete opposites: Alphonse Mucha (Art Nouveau) and Robert Rauschenberg (Post-Abstract Expressionist).  I love how ornate and organic the art Nouveau movement was, and Mucha was the king of that style. His portraits of women are incredibly beautiful and include the perfect touch of fantasy. Robert Rauschenberg’s work speaks to me because of his innovative use of objects that weren’t commonly used in paintings. They’re not just a painting – they’re a textural experience, and something that often transcends two dimensional forms.

Choose a favorite photograph taken by yourself and tell us why it is so.
This is my favorite photograph that I have taken because it’s the result of a happy mistake. The wedding was on the grounds of the Fonthill Castle and Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA. Typically, they do not allow couples to take photographs inside of the castle, but because the vendors made a double-booking mistake during the planning process, this was one of their ways of making it up to the couple. The image is so dramatic and the lighting couldn’t have been any more perfect. A very happy mistake, indeed!

Choose a favorite photograph taken by someone you admire and tell us why it is so.
A Sign of the Times by Dorothea Lange, 1934. This image is so simple, yet so complicated at the same time. It is an iconic image of the Depression – one that has stuck in my mind and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it.

Each celebration has its own personality and spirit.  What about this wedding has you most excited?
Just about everything. Jess clearly has a vision, and a very creative one at that. Being that I take on things in life in the same way, I completely understand where she’s coming from and what she’s trying to accomplish. It also makes my job so much easier when there are a lot of pretty things (and people!) to photograph. Based on Jess & Brad’s engagement session, I know that there are going to be a wealth of photo opportunities!
A big thank you to Amber for taking the time to chat with me!  Be sure to check back next week for a look at Jess and Brad’s engagement shots!