My Best Friend's Wedding – Advice from the Bride with 12 Days to Go!

Amy’s quick snapshot of the Riverboat where they will entertain guests during their cocktail hour.

After a year of planning, we have only 12 days to go!  Amy was kind enough to take a few moments to lend some advice,  read on:

In planning this wedding what has been the biggest surprise?

Honestly. organizing the last minute details was the biggest surprise.  Little things like Welcome Baskets, a pre-wedding day hotel room for the groom; all these little details add up quickly.  Also, finalizing program wording and guest lists less than two weeks before was not what I had imagined.  I thought I would be a bit more prepared at this point!

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your fellow Brides?

The Knot wedding checklists were a huge help in all aspects from setting budgets to knowing when to hire vendors.  If you have a checklist you are using, look ahead and preview what is to come.  I got a bit lost in the immediate details and forgot about all that was coming the two weeks before.  Also, start everything early!!  Look at your checklists and determine what tasks you can complete ahead of time.  For example, I began my seating chart the same time the invitations were mailed.  It has been easy to add and subtract guests as rsvp’s have come in!

As our readers know you’ve been planning a heavily themed event? What challenges have surfaced?

Lets face it, planning a wedding with a lot of personal details creates more work!  From collecting hard to find vintage items affordably to ensuring wedding attire flows with the overall look is more difficult when designing within a themed concept.  Another challenge is timing.  If we hadn’t  had a full year to plan this event, it could never have come together.  I’ve also realized that some ideas no matter how amazing, needed to be let go to manage my sanity!

So, what advice do you have for Brides planning within a theme?

Take breaks!  There are so many details that need to come together above and beyond the cake, dress and reception site.  Any creative plan needs a break to flourish.  If you plan well and know what is coming you can afford to savor quiet moments with your groom or friends.  Also, ask for help!!  A very involved groom is key!  Enlisting helpful friends, doesn’t hurt either.  I highly recommend taking one day about 2 weeks before the wedding to just do whatever.  Go to the spa, go on a date, do something non-wedding!

What is the one task you are dreading in the next two weeks?

Well, we are hosting our rehearsal dinner at our home.  Definitely NOT looking forward to cleaning!

What are you most looking forward to the few days leading up to the wedding?

Spending time with my friends and family who I don’t get to see as often.  Also, very excited to see all the hard work and planning come together as we style out the reception hall!!

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