I spent a wonderful day at Longwood Gardens near Philadephia yesterday. I went with my husband and parents, but I have to admit I was a bit anti-social for most of the day. I stopped at three different locations within the gardens and just painted for hours. The gardens are gorgeous on a grand scale but I so much enjoyed finding small spaces all my own to delve into the beautiful details.

The fuschias were my favorite. I love their shape and color, of course! Oddly enough, however I was most intrigued by the leaves in this painting.

The smooth hydrangea was a challenge. How to capture the soft mounds of blooms in a soft greenish white was foremost on my mind. I added my own flair and was quite happy with the result.

The Picasso callas were so unique, I just had to give them a try. Their beauty is not overbearing with color, but the soft intermingling of green and purple certainly captured my attention.
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