Kristy Says take a moment and enjoy the ride.

I woke up this morning to see a dreary day outside my bedroom window. The clouds were thick and the air was crisp. I finished working very late yesterday evening, slept for a few hours and embarked on my day early. The studio was quiet and provided instant comfort from the cold. My studio, a place where I spend more time in, than my living room is often such a place of comfort and today was no different. I flipped the lights on, sat at my desk and proceeded to emails. I made a few early morning calls, had a nice chat with a paper vendor and decided to treat the girls to lunch. I made another call that proved to be more difficult that enjoyable and quickly the morning took a seemingly bad turn. When the difficult phone call dust cleared and I had a moment to collect my thoughts and calm my mind I went back to email, planning and very soon was laughing along with the girls and seeing a much brighter afternoon ahead.

I am sharing with you the mundane details of my day as a small reminder to stop and enjoy the tiniest details of your day because it is often in those moments you can find much joy, calm and laughter…enough to carry you through difficult calls, looming deadlines and towering responsibilities. SO thank you Momental Girls for making me laugh, rising to the challenges we face everyday and for sharing this lovely space we call “the studio”.

Please excuse the mess!
The meeting area after a weekend full of appointments and the morning shipment!


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