Inspirations – Rethinking the Black Tie Wedding Invitation

When I envision a black tie wedding I still see in color.  Black tie at Momental isn’t about a stark color palette…always.  Black tie is more about a level of luxe, fine materials, unexpected textures, layering and yes often color accents in lieu of bold brights.  Black tie is less about rules and more about creating a sense of personality in a BIG yet edited way.  Black tie demands you feel every detail of the invitation, from our textural hand painted brushstrokes to the cottony weave of a letterpress stock.

Black tie calls for layering of subtle pattern and sheen to gain drama without overbearing contrast.  Black tie wishes to make a design statement that whispers and lingers long after the first glance.  Today my favorite black tie stationery is meant to be an example of richness and sophistication and yet still a celebration of artistry.

All of these examples were in fact designed for black tie events over the last year and represent the confident, spirited approach to black tie invitation design that we love so much!

Holly and Clark made drama with layering of hand painted brushstrokes.  Opaque white then sheer shimmer inks were brushed atop a champagne shimmer stock…along with the softest hint of blush…More visual texture was added with a layer of pattern stock inspired by lace.

White Rose and Calligraphy Wedding Invitation
Meryl’s very Southern save the dates were prepared with the ultimate in formality and tradition in mind, all the while remaining unpretentious and sweet.

White Magnolia Southern Wedding Save the Date
Emily’s muted palette of organic blooms stays incredibly formal on shimmery stock and in a muted palette of creams, sage, white and just a whisper of blush.

Ivory and White Floral Black Tie Wedding Invitation
Susan and Kurt oceanside celebration called for no lack of color but also no lack of richness and formality.  A watercolor painting on each invitation created a sense of luxe but in a personable way.  Layer upon layer of stock in varying finishes and thickness gave a refined beveled look providing structure an formality to the washy florals.

Watercolor Black Tie Wedding Invitation
Krista’s monogram and painted stripes continues to be my favorite expression of black tie design.  This suite is filled with the familiar and the unexpected.  Hand Painted gold stripes mingle with linen stock and ornate ornamentation to remind each viewer of the sophisticated event to come, ensuring it will also be one filled with personality.

Gold Stripe Wedding Invitation