Behind the Scenes – Watercolor Book Wedding Invitations on Oh So Beautiful Paper

Earlier this week Nole at Oh So Beautiful Paper featured one of my favorite wedding stationery suites from 2012.  Yes it has been a while since this glorious suite graced our painting tables BUT the process by which it came to be continues to inform our current work.  I’m forever grateful to Melanie and Robert (see her project evolve here) for #1 allowing us to be the artists we are #2 for teaching us what it means to trust a designer.  Grateful is the only word I can muster when remembering this project.  I’m grateful that we crossed paths with this couple who reminded us why we do what we do.  Nothing can take the place of true trust in a design process.  Art making requires freedom…freedom from fear, freedom of mind and heart.  When all parties feel this freedom, magic does happen.

I urge you to begin by watching this film and perhaps you have already because it has been featured throughout this site many times.  It tells the story of this project through my words…

Coral Poppy Save the Dates

Coral Poppy in Watercolor

Watercolor Ikat Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Suzani Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Wedding Invitation Bookmark
Watercolor Wedding Invitations
Chagall Inspired Wedding Invitation

Poppy Flower Wedding
Watercolor Ikat Pattern
Hand Painted Poppy Flower