Inspirations – Frida Khalo’s Personal Style Exhibit

Frida, dear Frida.

I often feel like, if I lived in a different time, we could be friends .  We’d likely fight and get under each other’s skin but deep down we’d be some sort of kindred spirit.  But isn’t that what is so magical about this artist, she draws you in and her work makes you feel welcomed into her world of pain and sacrifice, joy and delight.

{So many of us can relate to a life where expression is paramount, where friends around a dinner table are just family and where pain and suffering are inevitable.  Frida teaches us to live boldly and with joy, even through the pain.}

I’ve been thinking a lot about Joy lately because Joy is quite different from happiness.  I think Frida knew that, she knew more Joy than she did happiness. Joy is long standing, Joy is impenetrable, Joy is God given and never ceasing.

{Joy is knowing you will get through and knowing you are blessed in the meantime.}

So as you many know Frida’s wardrobe has been unveiled after decades behind locked doors at an exhibit in Mexico City at her home (Blue House).  Her personal style is on display so we can understand this iconic painter through her art, her suffering and her wardrobe.

There are a few artists who I might call my kindred spirit, Frida of course is one of them.  So much of my painting style, although I favor a different medium, is inspired by her brushstrokes.  I could only hope to infuse such emotion in to my painting as Ms. Khalo did.

I’ve always respected Frida’s mingling of feminine beauty and gruff aesthetic.
Our blue and white watercolor, reminiscent of Frida’s textiles.


Frida-Khalo-inspired-artwork Frida-Khalo-inspired-artwork Frida-Khalo-inspired-artworkFrida-Khalo-inspired-artwork Frida-Khalo-inspired-artwork

Classic Mexican inspired pattern in watercolor.
The Vogue cover that has inspired so many.

Frida Style, Embroidery and Boot, Frida’s Bed, Frida Headress, Frida with Blooms in her hair