Inspirations – Art Deco Wedding

Art Deco is a movement with force.  We are seeing it everywhere; cakes, stationery, gowns, you name it.  The strong lines and sharp character of classic Deco details are gaining momentum in events of both modern and classic sensibilities.  So what defines this design movement that gained it’s footing in the mid 1920’s? How is Deco different from it’s predecessor, Art Nouveau?  Read on and I’ll share a bit from of our world, Deco style!

Strong lines and architectural shapes help define an Art Deco look.  Contrast between shape and color are big.  Our Art Deco Wedding Invitation from the Movements Collection created a strong scene of sunbursts and columns inspired by architecture of the time.

Even Deco era jewelry spoke of bold shapes and stark contrasts.  Leigh adored some of her Grandmother’s jewelry and had an Art Deco design illustrated to suit!

Art Deco Brooch

Some love to mingle Art Deco elements with the more organic and curvy details from the Art Nouveau era.  Danielle’s swirls and flourishes remain structured with strong lines and dramatic yet monochromatic coloring.

So, are you madly in love with Art Deco?  Want more?  Check out my Art Deco Desire board!