A Peek into the Studio – It's a Pinterst World

Pinter-what?  By now, anyone who spends at least an hour online each day, knows about the lovely little not-so-secret Pinterest.  Actually, it seems EVERYONE is on Pinterest these days.  I call it the “useful time killer”, as spending 3 hours on picking and pinning can feel like 5 minutes.  At least after it all you have a sweet collection of visuals to show for your time!  So I’m curious… how are you using Pinterest?  Okay, I’ll go first.

1.  Special projects – Want to see what new shoot is on the horizon at the studio or fun project I am taking on?  Check my Pinterest page.  Remember the Arabian Days shoot in Rue Magazine?  I gathered my thoughts here first.

2.  Fresh Ideas – From time to time I like to simmer thoughts for a new invitation project about to unfold.  Much like a collection of musings for my Movements Collection launched last May…it all began on Pinterest.

3.  Party pretties – Need I say more?  Dig deep enough on my page and you will see the details of the next celebration I’m planning or favorites from the past.  My Best Friend’s Carnivale Wedding Shower evolved from this bold Pinterest board!

4. Pick-me-ups and wise words – Everyone needs a little boost…Pinterest is the place.

5. Pin for friends.  I love to pin for friends and employess.  What better way to share ideas and stay, on the same page when collaborating on an idea?  Jess, one of the Momental Girls recently was engaged and this is for her!

6.  Just because – Boards unfold for no reason at all.  A recent favorite?  Favorite artist sketchbook pages from the famous to obscure. Enjoy!

So if you are just getting started with Pinterest, here are a few tips:

Pin with a purpose.  I like to stay organized.  If I feel like my pins are heading in a new direction, I begin a new board!

Install the “Pin It” button and use wisely.  I must give credit where it is due, so if searching images, make sure to click through to the source site to pin your image and the proper link.

Be descriptive.  Pin description is a great way to remember your first reaction to the image and why you pinned in the first place.  Take the time to describe yourself well.

Pin big.  Larger images look better.

Pin for friends.  A sweet thing to do for a newly engaged friend or someone who needs a bit of cheering.  Create a board, just for them!

– Read Liene Stevens blog.  Each Sunday she suggest some folks to follow.

 HAPPY Pinning!!