Inspirations – A Grand Opening with La Tavola Linen in Newport Beach, CA Part I

In my spare time (wink, wink) I love to work with industry friends.  La Tavola Linen is a company I admire and use often.  Their palette of custom linens can add flavor and life to any event and the fact they ship nationwide means anyone can enjoy the selection.  Recently a new showroom opened in Newport Beach, California and I was brought in to craft a few stationery pieces for their displays.  The best part of these projects is that I get to “play” with the prettiest linen swatches ever!

Our lavishly painted peony on champagne stock with La Tavola’s ruffly, rosette satin linen.

Our bold Vintage Rose pattern paired with rustic white china…

Lacy leaves in silver and white play beautifully against the elcectic mix of centerpiece blooms….

Check back soon for more looks from the La Tavola Grand Opening!  All images by Voorhees Photography.