Guest Post – Peony Love from Amy Osaba

Today’s guest blogger is a kindred artist that I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce.   Amy Osaba is all about the ruffly, romance of the bloom.  Being a lover of all things floral, I was drawn to her site instantly.  I could spend hours  sifting through the artfully crafted bouquets, styled shoots and decor creations she pours her passion into. Welcome Amy!!

Heidi Geldhauser of Our Labor of Love

First I would like to thank Kristy for inviting me to guest blog today. What an honor.  I have admired her work for the last couple of years and am in complete awe. I attempted a watercolor class while in college and if you have ever tried it you know that despite the deceiving simplicity it is a true art of patience.  Kristy you are one talented gal!

And now onto flowers…

So we all know that the peony is the coveted flower for brides these days. But why? Is it the color, the shape, or the fact that they look like fluffy cotton candy that will just melt right in your mouth? [probably a little bit of all of those things!] It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, peonies are just the bees knees. From the Coral Charms with their papery petals to the Sarah Bernhardt with the full, ruffled centers. Or can we please talk about the Prince William peonies – not the one getting married soon, but rather, the gorgeous, gorgeous yellow ones.  They look like creamy buttermilk… ahhh, I could go an and on. It ceases to amaze me that even after all these years of playing with flowers a peony can still just make me happy.

Alecia Lauren for Flower Magazine, Heidi Geldhauser of Our Labor of Love, Scott Chester, Scott Chester

If a bride comes to me and wants to use peonies for her wedding, well, I pray that there is no budget 🙂 …but usually there is. If nothing other than a peony will do for you then plan to spend a pretty penny. But if you don’t have a huge budget to play with, ask your florist or designer to strategically place the peony so that it has the spotlight within the other flowers surrounding it. Or you can have lots of sweet little vessels and place a single peony in each then scatter them around your table. Just a suggestion!

Regardless of how many or how few you have to work with, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the endless beauty of the peony. They can stand alone and play well with others. So feast your eyes…