Guest post – Nick and Aleah of Valley & Co. ask What Inspires You?

We LOVE Aleah and Nick…this event planning and styling duo are a dream to work with and a thrill to know.  Most recently we worked together on this little project at The Hotel del Coronado. Their blog is full of useful tips and innovative inspiration so I feel lucky to have them here today to share a bit with you!

What Inspires You?
We are so thankful to the always-talented Kristy for inviting us to guest post on her blog today. We’re Nick + Aleah Valley, the husband-and-wife duo behind Valley & Co.
When we start talking with our couples and clients about their wedding vision, we ask them “what inspires you?”   We encourage them to think deeply about their favorite places to travel, their favorite flowers and foods, what language{s} they speak…and virtually anything that could lend to create a unique and innovative wedding celebration. More often than not when you think and delve deeper you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find and how it can come together to create a fresh and personalized celebration.
Maybe you love intimate evenings with friends and family enjoying good food and conversation. Let that be the basis for your celebration and create intimate seating that will allow for close conversations.  Opt for family-style service to encourage your guests to chat the night away.

This bride and groom adored their winery location and their entire floral design revolved around their love for the space, for wine, and for the early fall setting. The result was a lush grouping of textured flowers in deep, romantic tones perfect for the mood.

Perhaps you and your fiancé share a passion and love for music. Let this passion take you away. Music can help create the entire feeling of a wedding. Think about what sparks your interest; maybe it’s having a brother or friend serenade you down the aisle, a flamenco guitarist play for your guests during dinner, or having DJ play your favorite old records.
Get creative with the details. The details are what really add to the ambiance of a celebration. From the invitation suite to the place cards, take-home favors, flowers, and anything in between, details make all the difference. Focus on funky ideas that will stand out. For this event we worked on with Momental Designs our clients wanted something flourishing, stand-out, and memorable with a carnival-flair. The result was an incredible suite that really brought the whole theme together.
Images from Momental Designs

What inspires you the most? How will your ideas transfer to your wedding celebration or event?
Thank you to Momental Designs for inviting us to guest blog! We appreciate it!