Engage!10 Recap Part II – The Sketches

The Engage Symposiums are mindfully crafted to never be short on style or detail.  This year was no different.  To put into words my appreciation for Rebecca and Kathryn, is difficult…thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it.  Our industry is brighter, more savvy and stylish, stronger and more ready to face shift (thank you Simon T. Bailey) than ever before….and it is in large part due to the work of these two women.  I just had to take a moment to say…

The quote penciled in this sketch: “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers

My sketching habit at Engage reached epic proportions this year…I couldn’t stop.
Joanne and her team from Celebrations Ltd. in the Caymans provided unending inspiration for my eyes with each beautifully designed room and event.

A casual conversation on stage between Millie Bratten, Sylvia Weinstock and Marcy Blum was both filled with laughs and invaluable information.
Sylvia encouraged us to “know you are the best” while Millie reminded us “you have to show up”.  Well said.

Last but not least, Colin Cowie and Carley Roney!