Engage!10 Recap Part I – The Stationery and Sylvia!

What I love most about this industry are the people and dynamic nature of the business….we create new, beautiful and meaningful everyday (or at least strive to) and for this I feel grateful to even be a part.  Over the next week I will share my view of the life changing time I experienced at Engage 10 in Grand Cayman; from the striking style and paper goodness to the innovative people and ideas all captured through my eyes and pen.

With inspiring paper from Envelopments we created the main session stationery including these oversized placecards.  Jasmine Star grabbed this gorgeous shot complete with the clean morning sunlight trickling in.   I was completely overwhelmed as word got around that these lovelies were in fact individually hand painted.  Thank you everyone for your kind words and sincere appreciation for the hard work that went into crafting these pieces.

Coordinating agendas and stunning folders by my friends at Envelopments.  Folder shot by Donna!

Feeling a bit start struck in the room you can imagine my shock when Sylvia Weinstock headed over to chat and compliment the stationery.  This gal just about fell over, but not before I asked good friend Donna Von Bruening to capture the moment!  I was thrilled to have the chance to thank Sylvia for my treasured Renewal cake in person!

During hour 1 at Engage a little sketch of Envelopments Brocade pattern turned into a collage of ideas….

I think in images, color and often find my written notes evolving into sketches.  Since my first Engage experience I felt compelled to sketch and this time around my hand could not seem to keep up with my ideas.  The Engage Symposiums are all about people.  I felt this time, the room was taking a collective, much needed breath.  Conversation was electric, the energy was palpable and sincerity and kindness seemed to be the thread that brought us all together.  Egos were checked at the door and we got right down to living and learning in this live, raw and real moment that became for me the single-most energizing experience of my career to date.

After a few days to simmer and turn notes into actions these words stay at the top of my mind:

Value, Move, Define, Share, Listen, Curate

Check back tomorrow for more …sketches of Colin Cowie, Marcy Blum and more!