Creative in Love – Year Round Mistletoe


One year we literally forgot to put away our mistletoe.  Amidst the insane amount of Christmas decor take-down, we just missed it and I’m so glad we did.

At first it was the running joke in our house…friends and family made fun of our silly display of household neglect…I can’t remember if it was me or Adam but one day in mid-spring, we landed under our year round reminder of Christmas past, not on purpose but because we were passing through at nearly the same time.  One of us stopped and said look up.  You can guess what came next.

That out of season mistletoe kiss led to many more.  Admittedly most of our mistletoe kisses now are on purpose.  Maybe I call him over, maybe he grabs my arm and pulls me under…it’s like that green ball hanging between our living room and kitchen is a reminder to slow down at the busiest stop in our home.  Our mistletoe urges a moment of slow down, a chance to seek out one another… to choose a moment to love a little.

To this day, years later we’ve never taken down the mistletoe.  No mistake.

Sometimes silly makes the most sense.

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